Inspirational People

My family

Especially Mum & Dad who cared for me, prayed for & with me, supported me throughout my life and careers

My dear brothers –Peter (who died 4 years ago and I look forward to meeting again in God’s Presence-Ps16v11)who shared my schooling in Sussex and Essex and a flat with me in Ealing for 3 years whilst he was doing his Journalism training and I my Chartered Accountancy.

Paul -though 7 years younger still a great companion through childhood

schooling and family life. Paul wonderfully prepared a family book ‘We three brothers’ which was such a comfort especially when visiting Peter in hospital in Dublin shortly before he died.

Then my lovely wife , Ruth, of 46 years. Companion from the beginning of our loving relationship ‘for the journey’ in all that life has brought through our two great children (Rachel and Tim) and in daily parish living -Serving the Lord and His people together.

I think of ‘inspiration’ (breathing and living in the Spirit of God) as the gift that He gives -especially through others. In my Christian based worldview this equates to learning through I.P. how to become a better person

(Mirroring/Expressing the nature God gives us all -Gen. 1v27/Col. 1v27)

I am very grateful to so many groups and individuals who have taught me ‘on the Way ‘(John14v6)

Work friends, college colleagues (Christian Life College, Oak Hill and Sarum Theological Colleges) as well as parishioners in the RAF and at Tawstock (& linked parishes in both Taw Valley team and Two Rivers team)

Now retired and a ‘lifelong learner, especially some inspirational spiritual teachers

  1. CAC ( –Richard Rohr/Jim Finley/Cynthia Bourgeault
  2. Brene Brown
  3. Eckhart Tolle
  4. Tara Brach

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