David Attenborough’s book


)‘A life on Our Planet

What an enjoyable, challenging and inspirational listen.

Enjoyable as it gives a glimpse into David’s fascinating life as he (reader of the book as well as writer) gives us his ‘witness statement & vision for the future’. Part one of the book –our greatest mistake– chronicles how we (mankind) have got ourselves into such a series of catastrophic situations. David uses his many groundbreaking and adventourous TV series to underline what a beautiful but fragile world/series of eco-systems we live in and share with some of the greatest natural wonders (from the ‘Zoo Quest series’ right through to ‘The Blue Planet’)

Challenging as he spells out what all this means -now and in the future- for us all if we continue with ‘life as we know it’ (to quote a Mr Spock from Star Trek)

Inspirational as the second part of the book reminds us of ‘Our greatest opportunity’ and how we can all be involved in ‘rewilding our world’ by reconnecting to it because we are part of it’s fragility and beauty.

So I’m a supporter, and , on the way back from my swim this morning have seen that this will mean 1. Understanding more about our links with

this natural world-The Great Chain of Being ( as Franciscan Philosopher & Theologian, St. Bonaventure, (with Wm. Shakespeare amongst many others ) reminds us

2. Do all I can to support all those who share this visionary ‘opportunity’

For example recently The Earthshot Project’ – the first prize ceremony and overview of the projects last year (https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/p09w80wb/the-earthshot-prize-repairing-our-planet

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