Immortal Diamond

This Centre for Contemplation and Action (CAC) online course is one of the , at present, 7 online ‘spirituality’ courses it offers.

I will be writing about the other 6 in due course

Breathing Under Water/Introductory Wisdom School/Mary Magdalene

Divine Exchange/The Franciscan Way/The Interior Castle

In ‘immortal Diamond’ Richard Rohr (Franciscan priest & CAC founder) reminds us of the goodness of God and His creation including us – men and women created in His ‘good’ image (Gen. 1v26/28)

God looks at his newly created world with loving delight and says ‘it is very good’ (Gen.1v31). The Immortal Diamond -a quotation from a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins- is both the title of Father Rohr’s book on which the course is based and the True Self that God created in His image.

The major theme of this book is transformation-how God’s grace is at work to enable us (fallen from that original grace) to be restored to our original True Self. The Immortal Diamond

In the forum posts which I made during work on the course in 2018 (and which are shown in the Word document below) I noticed how God’s Spirit has been teaching me what this True Self is and cooperate with and allow Him to transform my False Self into this deeper and truer ‘made in the image of God ‘ self.

Why Blogging

Last year our daughter and I were talking over all the things that had happened over our lives (personally and in community/world terms)

and she suggested I should put some of my thoughts/experiences into

this , to me, new form of diary.

I am a lifelong learner and in retirement (10 years now) have had the opportunity to work on ‘online courses’ from a variety of sources

So in terms of my spiritual life

Woodbrooke Quaker Learning Centre (

I have been saving my ‘forum posts’ from these courses and will

speak more about them in a later post

2. Varieties of daily living/lives/topics of interest

using the online learning platforms of

Udemy/Future Learn/Skill Success/Khan Academy

Lifelong Learner

I’m so enjoying retirement , or maybe it’s only ‘semi-retirement’ ? Since moving here to Torrington when we retired(Jan.2011) have been involved in 3 CofE inter-regnums (Dolton benefice, Bradworthy benefice and Torrington benefice) , spent two years preaching at all the Methodist chapels in the Torridge circuit and helping occasionally at our local Baptist church.

Enjoying the freedom ‘to be’ (and now go when not involved in the current Two Rivers Parishes to Bideford Quakers for an hour of Quiet worship on Sundays) .

So learning a lot more about living in the now. Eckhart Tolle’s books/videos, Richard Rohr’s online courses (The Franciscan Way & Immortal Diamond) plus a big variety of videos & online courses through a great website called ‘Sounds True’ .

That’s on the Spiritual side and I’m adding to that learning website building/html++

doing several fascinating courses  online (Biology, Genealogy, Science & Religion,20th Century Literature, Mindfulness..) with The Great Course, Udemy, Future Learn and Skill Success.

Our Book Charity ( is carrying on well ,through the Bideford shop,  and we have 4 regular  literacy projects ongoing . In the UK with Devon based prisons and hospitals : abroad helping a project in Gambia (empower the Gambia) and the Phillipines (projectpearls)




Update on website

Well it’s now finished , with so much help from my friend (Nigel Wright) who

built it for me and has enthused me to start learning about HTML coding ++ for myself.

Please visit and do leave any comments/shared memories if you were part of those 26 years (1984-2010) we spent enjoyably, challengingly, growingly

in Tawstock and the surrounding parishes.


There is an associated E-Mail (

Looking back

Am writing this on 19th June 2015 to remind myself of Life Priorities for my 71st year & beyond?

1. Daily walking in His Presence (Ps.16.v11)

2. Family life..Ruth (exciting,challenging journey of ‘companionship’: 40 years in August )

..Rachel ..lovely, talented, caring daughter..still in Japan teaching.

Visiting us from 23rd June. for a month

..Tim married to Hannah & our two very special grandchildren(Arthur & Alice)

(Caring & good parents)

3. Wider Family & Friends (Anne ,Elaine.Sally & Brian, John & Diane..)

4. Church & Community involvement (Loving neighbours as myself). Finishing regular Sunday conducting of worship Nov. this year (DV)

5. Lifelong learning (online courses..see ‘folder on desktop'<My Estate>

6. TRGOW..still hoping to make progress with writing ‘reflections on 26 years at Tawstock & in Rural Ministry’