Looking back

Am writing this on 19th June 2015 to remind myself of Life Priorities for my 71st year & beyond?

1. Daily walking in His Presence (Ps.16.v11)

2. Family life..Ruth (exciting,challenging journey of ‘companionship’: 40 years in August )

..Rachel ..lovely, talented, caring daughter..still in Japan teaching.

Visiting us from 23rd June. for a month

..Tim married to Hannah & our two very special grandchildren(Arthur & Alice)

(Caring & good parents)

3. Wider Family & Friends (Anne ,Elaine.Sally & Brian, John & Diane..)

4. Church & Community involvement (Loving neighbours as myself). Finishing regular Sunday conducting of worship Nov. this year (DV)

5. Lifelong learning (online courses..see ‘folder on desktop'<My Estate>

6. TRGOW..still hoping to make progress with writing ‘reflections on 26 years at Tawstock & in Rural Ministry’