Lifelong Learner

I’m so enjoying retirement , or maybe it’s only ‘semi-retirement’ ? Since moving here to Torrington when we retired(Jan.2011) have been involved in 3 CofE inter-regnums (Dolton benefice, Bradworthy benefice and Torrington benefice) , spent two years preaching at all the Methodist chapels in the Torridge circuit and helping occasionally at our local Baptist church.

Enjoying the freedom ‘to be’ (and now go when not involved in the current Two Rivers Parishes to Bideford Quakers for an hour of Quiet worship on Sundays) .

So learning a lot more about living in the now. Eckhart Tolle’s books/videos, Richard Rohr’s online courses (The Franciscan Way & Immortal Diamond) plus a big variety of videos & online courses through a great website called ‘Sounds True’ .

That’s on the Spiritual side and I’m adding to that learning website building/html++

doing several fascinating courses  online (Biology, Genealogy, Science & Religion,20th Century Literature, Mindfulness..) with The Great Course, Udemy, Future Learn and Skill Success.

Our Book Charity ( is carrying on well ,through the Bideford shop,  and we have 4 regular  literacy projects ongoing . In the UK with Devon based prisons and hospitals : abroad helping a project in Gambia (empower the Gambia) and the Phillipines (projectpearls)




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